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The Mikkonen Land Corporation was formed in 1980, but the farm actually began in 1944 with three brothers, Alvar and Raymond Mikkonen and 200 acres near the small town of Frederick, South Dakota. They were joined by their brother Larry and over the years, the farm slowly grew to over 1800 acres. 

In 1988, in an effort to ensure future viability, as well as growing concern for the environment, the farm was converted to organic production.  Through many trials and tribulations a greater respect for nature and the environment was attained along with a better understanding of biodiversity.  The farm continues to be certified organic, out of respect and concern for the land God created and our responsibility to ensure we make every effort to put the quality and nutrition back into the soil that he so graciously provides in the products we produce.

In the early 90's, the three brothers began retiring.  The farm operation was slowly turned over to Raymond's sons, Rory Mikkonen and Lonny Mikkonen and his family. 


Rory Mikkonen with Mikkonen cows



Rory Mikkonen - Graduate of SDSU with a BS in Agricultural Economics.  He was a former Peace Corp volunteer in Grenada serving as an agricultural extension agent to teach local people new cultural practices in growing sugar cane. 




Lonny & Krysti Mikkonen Family


 Lonny Mikkonen - Graduate of Mitchell Technical Institute in Agricultural Management.  He is married to Krysti, who own's WSI, an internet marketing, consulting and education business creating and marketing websites and other internet products and services along with public speaking on the industry.  They have four children; Shrylle, Blain, Mariah and Jayden.  Blain and Jayden work on the farm throughout the summer and in the winter when their schedules allow and their help is needed.  



Raymond and Patricia Mikkonen, both continue to live on the farm and help in the growth and development of the farm.  Pat has a glorious garden that she and Rory work throughout the summer providing much of the vegetable consumption for the families for the winter.  Ray still helps in the field and is the go-to-guy when something needs to be fixed.