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New Studies Back Benefits of Organic Diet - By Stephen Leahy  Inter Press Service, March 4, 2006

Organic foods protect children from the toxins in pesticides, while foods grown using modern intensive agricultural techniques contain fewer nutrients and minerals then they did 60 years ago, according to two new scientific studies.

A U.S. research team from Emory University in Atlanta analyzed urine samples from children ages three to 11 who ate only organic foods and found that they contained virtuallly no metabolites of two common pesticides, malathion and chlorpyrifos.

However, once the children returned to eating conventionally grown foods, concentrations of these pesticide metabolites quickly climbed as high as 263 parts per billion, says the study published February 21.

Organic crops are grown without the chemical pesticides and fertilizers that are common in intensive agriculture.  There was a "dramatic and immediate protective effect"  against the pesticides while consuming organically grown foods,"  said Chensheng Lu, an assistant professor the Rollins School of Public Health at Emory University.

These findings, in addition ot the results of another study published in Britain earlier this month, have fueled the debate about benefits of organically grown food as compared to conventional.  Read more at:  www.organicconsumers.org/2006/article_91.cfm

  • Studies have show that crops grown organically are more nutritious than the crops ground under conventional practices.  Not to mention that land, water, air are less apt to be polluted which translates to healthier crops which means healthier bodies.
  • Livestock raised in organic management systems are treated more humanely than livestock raised under confinement operations.  Antibiotics, synthestic growth hormones, crowding, and pesticides are not allowed in the organic system which allows a healthier and safer end product.
  • When buying from a grocery store, you never know what your getting due to the treatment of food with chemicals or unnatural processes.  The FDA allows, for example, for meat that is browned due to age, to be treated with carbon monoxide to bring the pink color back into the meat.  This carbon monoxide not only makes the meat look fresher, but it can also mask odors and textures that indicate a meat is too old for consumption. explains Don Berdahl, vice president of Kalsec Inc.  Kalsec produces natural food extracts out of Kalamazoo, Michigan.  He is petitioning the FDA to ban the use of carbon monoxide for this use.  Full Article