Organic Grain Contracts

Samples from 2016 organic grain contracts

Samples from all of the Mikkonen Organic 2016 organic grain contracts. Call if you’d like an organic grain contract.

Organic grain contracts are beneficial for the buyer and the producer. As a farm operation, we know what to produce that will provide income and the buyer has peace of mind that they can have enough grain contracted for their end products. For the stability of our operation, we work to solidify organic grain contracts.  The last several years, we’ve contracted a good share of our grain when the price was right.  Assuming weather cooperates and the crop is healthy, this gives us some peace of mind and projection for income both for our buyers and for us as sellers.  In addition, by securing organic grain contracts provides us an opportunity to organize, plan and even incentivizes us to try crops that we likely may not try by reducing the risk that it may not sell. 

We don’t always have all our acres in organic grain contracts. We may leave some acres out of contract obligations to take advantage of potential spikes in the organic commodity prices in a given year.  Below is a list of several of the organic crops we’ve grown over the years, but does not exhaust the list of what we’re willing to grow.  If you’d like to talk to us about an organic grain contract, call Lonny at 605-329-7020 or Rory at 605-329-7021.

Past organic crops grown include:

  •  organic barley
  •  organic black turtle beans
  •  organic blue corn
  •  organic corn
  •  organic flax
  •  organic millet
  •  organic oats
  •  organic spring wheat
  •  organic soy beans
  •  organic sunflowers
  •  organic confection sunflowers
  •  organic white wheat

If you’re interested in contracting grain with Mikkonen Organic, fill out the form below or give Lonny or Rory a call at the numbers listed above or in the footer below. 

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